Globeleq Education Trust- 2024

Applications are currently closed.

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The Globeleq Education Trust is a shareholder in Globeleq South Africa Management Services (GSAMS) To date, approximately R10.3 million has been awarded in bursaries.

Globeleq is a leading independent power producer operating in Africa. The Globeleq Scholarship Fund aims to develop skills needed for the renewable energy industry and support long-term sustainability of the communities in which we operate,  country wide. 

About The Bursary

The GSF Communities Fund is available for various degrees or certificates for students within 50km from Aries Solar Power, Boshof Solar Power, De Aar Solar Power, Droogfontein Solar Power, Jeffrey's Bay Wind Farm, Klipheuwel Wind Farm, Konkoonsies Solar Power, and Soutpan Solar Power. Please make sure your home town falls within one of the circles on this map.

Who Can Apply

Applicants must be: 

  1. South African citizens
  2. Have an interest in renewable energy.
  3. Must be studying full-time (2024 onwards). 
  4. May be studying for any field/topic at a DHET/SAQA-recognized tertiary school/university. 
  5. Unemployed (not working full or part-time in 2024), and must not have worked full-time before 2024. 
  6. Have applied to study in 2024 or have already been accepted for registration in 2024. 

Bursaries are offered only for studies leading to higher certificates, diplomas, degrees or equivalent NQF-rated qualifications

Preference will be given to Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) qualifications. 

Please read these notes and instructions carefully before completing the form. Be sure to read every section and ensure that the information you provide is accurate.

  • Applications that are incomplete and that include misrepresentations will immediately be disregarded.
  • Please ensure that you attach ALL of the Required Documents
  • Applications are currently closed.

It is your responsibility to apply for entrance for your intended course and university and to ensure that you are able to meet the entrance requirements stipulated for your course.

Please ensure that you complete all the sections of this application form.

Please select the correct funding opportunity when completing your application.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once we have received your application. You will be advised if your application is unsuccessful.

Only shortlisted applicants will be invited to interviews.

Good Luck!

Track Completed Application

Required Documents

Please prepare the following documents:

  • All Applicants: 

    1. A one-page statement clearly setting out why you have chosen your field of study and how you intend to use it after graduation.
    2. One letter of recommendation from an individual who can speak to your personal character and/or your academic performance. This person should not be a relative or friend. Please include their telephone details.
    3. Certified copy of a valid South African identity document
    4. Recent certified Parents/Guardian's valid South African ID (or death certificate if deceased)*
    5. A CV of work experience and background (lack of experience will not disadvantage your application) 
    6. Proof of household income (certified copy of SASSA docs or 3 months Payslips of parents/guardians) - Please attach affidavits confirming unemployment, if parent/s are unemployed*
    7. All certified documents must be less than 3 months old. 
    8. *Where you have multiple documents for 1 submission, please combine/scan them into 1 file that you can upload.

    Scholar in Matric

    1. Grade 12 Term 2 Report (stamped) - With official school stamp
    2. Certified copy of valid matric certificate (Grade 12)

    Scholar in Matric / Gap Year Student

    1. Certified copy of valid matric certificate (Grade 12)

    Undergrad/Honours/ Masters/Doctoral

    1. 2023 Official Proof of Registration at university (for 2023 academic year) - Must be official document from university
    2. Certified copy of the latest Official academic transcript/s- (For applicants that have enrolled at multiple institutions during their tertiary studies*)

    Optional Docs

    1. Disability? Dept of Labour Employment Equity Act (EEA1) Form AND a Doctors’ Letter *
    2. Did you get funded by another bursary/NSFAS?; upload your bursary agreement/letter/offer*
    3. A copy of 2024 acceptance letter from an accredited institution. - Official letter showing you've been accepted (even provisionally) to study the qualification in 2024*


For applicants under the age of 18, to comply with POPI regulations a signed consent form completed by your parent/legal guardian along with a certified copy of their proof of identity is required.

You can download the guardian consent form by clicking HERE.